People think that playing an instrument and becoming a musician is a choice, but that’s not how it works. What really happens is that you are swept away by music - maybe as a child sitting in front of your record player, the way it happened to me; or maybe a little later on by accidentally meeting someone, or even because somebody else in your family is a musician.

When music sweeps you away, it can do it in a very exclusive way – even words can end up being neglected. That can happen when you listen to songs. You can love them and be moved by the lyrics but when it comes to playing them, your choice is always and ONLY the music. You just play, without words. The vibrations are the only things that penetrate your heart, open your mind and move your whole body. And you don’t even know why.

From then on, you can’t live without it. Especially when this happens while you’re playing with other musicians whose eyes are closed like yours. You just soar with them to a place where only the Present exists. An intense, pure moment that changes form continuously.

Being famous

This alone repays every effort: all the things we strive for day after day, coming to terms with job uncertainty and the recurring sensation that some people don’t take your work seriously or think you’re not really working at all and the fact that it’s really tough out there. But it doesn’t make any difference. Honest. Because it all makes sense, anyway.

We aren’t famous musicians. We don’t have the kind of name that attracts many spectators. We don’t have any management and we don’t go on tour with this music. We don’t sell thousands of records. The talent we have been given, the stories of our lives and the place and time in which we live has given us the music but not the fame. There are those who say that this is a gift in and of itself and sometimes I agree.

But that didn’t stop us from recording this album and sharing the music, inspiring others with what we think is good music.

This album

This is why we are asking anyone interested to order a copy of our CD so that once we have reached a certain amount of requests, we can pay to have copies printed and sent out around Italy and the world.

The CD will be called “A Different Life” and it’s dedicated to those who are starting out in life and to those who are looking for a chance to start all over.

We need to receive about 200 orders in order to be able to release the CD and pay all the taxes (over half of the proceeds) but we’re optimistic. We think we should be able to get the job done in a couple of months and mail out CDs by late September.

Basically, that’s it. The form you see to the right is all you need to order a copy or even schedule a concert. We’d be glad to answer your requests.

Thank you!